Sunday, May 15, 2011

Physician Compensation Numbers Show How Sinister is Rand Paul’s “Slavery” Lie

Lawrence O’Donnell described Rand Paul’s allegation that physicians live like slaves in the United States as “demented”. O’Donnell explained: “It may come as a big surprise to Rand Paul to discover, as a physician specialist, whose median income, as we’ve pointed out, in this country, is now over $340,000, that slaves were actually paid much less than that. How much less? $340,000 less. Rand Paul, a medical specialist, who’s lived and worked in the country where physicians make more money than anywhere else in the world, actually has the ugly, hysterically self-centered and vile audacity to equate his rich self to a slave. Nothing more unhinged from reality and decency has been said, in the United States Senate, in our time. It is utterly unpardonable.” 

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